Twelve Sonatas for Violin with basso accompaniment

This edition includes the eleven extant sonatas of this set. Sonatas 1 to 5 and 7 to 11 are bound in one volume (along with the 24 Capriccios). It has been prepared from manuscripts Mss. 791 and 792 in the Jean Hargrove Music Library, University of California, Berkeley. The sixth sonata, which appears on separate manuscript sheets, is dated “Leeds, the 20th of January 1763”. The second sonata is missing a middle movement, though pages have been left blank at this point. The twelfth sonata may well have been composed but does not appear in the bound volume, although blank pages are left for it.

Herschel Press wishes gratefully to acknowledge the inestimable, painstaking assistance and kind encouragement of the Dionysus Ensemble in the preparation of this edition. In 2023 the Ensemble made some excellent recordings of all these sonatas, which can be found here.

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