Concerto for Viola in D minor

The first movement has figured bass throughout until measure 200 – this is included in this edition; the second and third movements have no figured bass marked. It is hoped that the figured bass will be realised in due course, but at the moment performers will have to choose between omitting this part or reconstructing it themselves. (If you do complete it for a performance, please do consider sending it back for future inclusion.) There are (curiously) several passages in the solo viola part notated in the bass clef (presumably for convenience of reading); these are clearly an octave too low for the viola and so have been transcribed here in the alto clef an octave higher than written.

This concerto for viola, one of two for the instrument (with another in draft form only), exists only as a full score, and is marked at the end of the score “Maidstone, august 1759”. It is scored for “Viola primo [solo], Violino primo, Violino secundo, Alto, Violoncello et altri Bassi”.

This edition is based on the holograph score, MS 785, at Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library, University of California at Berkeley, USA.

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